Company Namesake: Hazel Easley

Hazel Vivian: Company Namesake.

Our Story

As a plus size young woman, I've constantly been unsatisfied with the apparel options for plus size woman. I found that my options for clothing were both too frumpy and made me look older or they were too short and tight trying to reflect a young trend that simply came across as classless. I found myself looking too old before my time or like I was just trying too hard; I would either look too dressed up or too dressed down. I could never understand why the young casual sophisticated feminine look never made the plus size racks and I was tired of settling for less. With fashion design in my background, I began sewing for myself; Women would approach me wanting to know where I got my tops. When I would tell them that I made them, some even started asking me if I sewed for other people. When you're standing in the middle of one of the largest retail suppliers of plus size clothing, and shoppers are asking you if you can sew for them . . . they're saying that this store doesn't sell and/or have a clue as for what I want and/or need and please: Help! I knew then that I was not the only one frustrated with the plus size apparel options and that there was still a plus size niche unfilled.

According to the U.S. market research firm NPD group, more than one-third of American women, or approximately 40%, are size 14 or larger, and 60% are 12 or larger. That being said, I knew that I could help other plus size women like myself. In fact in doing my research, I found that there were apparel companies out there, who by the way do not offer plus sizes, that even go as far as to have a disclaimer on their size chart stating, “ ‘Too Small’ is the most frequent reason given for returning clothing”. Can you believe that?

My goal is to provide sophisticated clothing options that provide both comfort and style for plus size women for which I inherently have a kinship with. I know the frustrations that exist for plus size women on a first hand basis and my focus is to eliminate those challenges. The Plusologie brand is all about looking fabulous without looking like you tried. It's effortless beauty means that you'll no longer feel overdressed, underdressed, or inappropriately dressed.

MISSION: To provide a brand that is stylish, sophisticated, and comfortable for the plus size consumer reflecting the notion that the plus size consumers watch the same TV shows, read the same fashion magazines, love fashion, newness, color, and want to be just as fashionable and neat as anyone else. I’m sure that you’ll be pleased with the collection and will find it easier to figure out . . . ”What am I going to wear this morning?" View the Collection Now.